Community Solutions

In some communities, the network infrastructure we operate may offer the only Superfast Broadband Access Services available in that community.

This may because the community has chosen Frontier’s network infrastructure as the sole network to operate in that community.  For example, to avoid the disruption of multiple networks in one village or to maintain service standards appropriate to the communities needs.

Or it may be because technical standards limit the operation to one network in that village.  For example, networks built with technologies like “VDSL2″ can interfere with other networks built using the same standard.

Or it may be because Frontier has rolled out ahead of other network infrastructure builders like the National Broadband Network.

We offer wholesale access to Superfast Broadband Access Services on an open access, non-discriminatory basis in select communities.

If you are a Retail Service Provider, and you have a customer or prospective customer seeking a service in a community served by Frontier’s network infrastructure, contact us to find out if we offer wholesale access in that community.

We are also happy to discuss providing wholesale access more generally in communities served by Frontier’s network infrastructure.

Please enquire about wholesale access services by contacting us at